Sunday, 20 October 2013

                    HORN OF THE SUN

This is my film project submission, Its a short film about how the Narwhal ,often called the unicorn of the sea got his horn

 I had heard the story as a child about how the unicorn got left behind during the great flood, He missed Noah's Ark, and jumped into the sea and was never seen again

So I thought it makes sense within the realm of fantasy that the Unicorn became the Narwhal under the sea

So its a short animated film involving death and rebirth which was my 1st idea for a concept when this project was announced.


This Video is my rough visualization of the first two acts, whilst it is a work in progress I'm happy enough with it, I wanted to tell a very visual atmospheric tale and I believe Ive been somewhat successful in showing you the possibility's of what this film could be,also please note the digital animation is taken from manimation test online, my intention is to show you how this film can be made, on some levels it appears complex but having spent allot of time researching I believe its a very doable film and will only improve over the coming weeks please look below to see the storyboard and script


 The art work and shots are a mixture of live action, photoshop, referenced art work and animation from other sources ,also the final act of the film is as yet unconceptualized

                              ACT 1

   It is the time of the great flood, the animals all in two's head  into the ark for refuge

 One animal, the last Unicorn is late, galloping across the land he tries to get to the ark in time.

 He reaches the ocean, He’s on top of a cliff, he’s to late the ark has left, off in the distance it rides the waves, the unicorn rears up on its hind legs in anger and despair. He looks down, to the waves below and looks back at the ark ,his face turns from fear to determination, he backs up preparing himself, after a moment of anticipation, he gallops towards the cliffs edge, and dives into the raging sea




 We see him splash into the water and disappear beneath the waves, after what seems an eternity, he bursts forth from below gasping for air, a tiny figure lost in the terrible waters.

                              ACT 2

 He tries to swim for some time, constantly fighting the inevitable, determined to survive

 Eventually he can swim no more, and succumbs to the murky depths. Sinking below we follow him on his journey into the deep unknown beneath the water

 We see a montage now that tells the tale of the flooded earth. 


                              From here on the rest of the film is unconceptualized


               ACT 3

 Fade to black. Silence, a unicorn floating lifeless sinking deep into the abyss.

 He’s now at the bottom of the ocean, after a time his horn begins to pulse, like a heartbeat, something sees the light and comes towards it

 It’s a female Narwhal who has spotted the light pulsating from the horn like a distress beacon, she circles it, above the light from the sun comes out from the clouds and travels deep below to join with the unicorn horn, the unicorn is bathed in light and begins to transform.  It becomes a narwhal.

  The sun comes out and the ocean recedes, the ark is safe.

  Queue the narwhal family as they swim beneath the waves and on to the surface diving into the air with a baby, the continuation of the unicorns bloodline, their horns capturing the sun

 The end

                Audio Visual Inspiration

This film more than any other inspired the concept for my film, it has the theme of death and rebirth and is a very visual  very beautiful film, I want you to look at it and imagine what could be

This second piece a classic Looney Tunes was also on my mind , please pay attention to the very clever use of simple layouts, theres some wonderful shots in this film and I believe it is a good reference for the layout artists and animators. It also has the classical feel I'm hoping to emulate with this film.

Narwhals in the wild, a very elusive creature they're rarely filmed so this has probably the best reference shots I could find of them. I believe the elusiveness of them adds to the the Unicorn mythology we could create with the film

The work of Claude De Bussey inspired me when I was initially trying to envision the film, his works sounds like how i want this film to feel.

                  CONCEPTUAL RESEARCH

The following is just artwork i found that helped me conceptualise the film, I think its very important to point out that although I submitted a very specific visual design the intended purpose was merely to help the team see some sort of visual example of what it COULD look like, I'm very eager to see what other people come up with if the film does go into productionn




I have a vast amount of research done into both Narwhals and Horses, Ive found many examples of Animated Horses and Unicorns, and some examples of Narwhals in animation so If the film goes forward ill post everything I have to be used for reference.